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Harbour Village Executive Center
3001 W 10th Street, Unit 101A
Panama City, Fl 32401

Therapeutic Massage, Bodywork & Spa

Heather I Dixon LMT
Lic# MA49528/MM33104

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Intro Special:
Save $20 on a 90 min Session of MediCupping! You may also try it by adding up to 15 mins of MediCupping to your appt time for $20. It is a great addition during Massages, Reflexology and Facial Treatments. It may be used lightly for body conturing, detoxification and lymphatic drainage or deeper of a vacuum therapy for releasing scars, old injuries, adhesions and myofacial tissue. Originally $130...Try it for $110.
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Spa Packages

Illuminate My Aura
Pamper Me Sweetly
Escape & Rejuvenate
Gentle Body Rocking, Vibrational Sound Healing, Guided Meditation leading into Reiki/Energy Work.
90 min....$100; w/ Steam....$140
Sugar Scrub, Stress Relief Massage, Balancing Hot Stone Treatment-for back, shoulders, neck & scalp.
90 min....$120; w/ Steam....$160
Swedish Massage followed by a Detoxifying Chocolate Facial Massage.
2 hrs....$140; w/ Steam....$180

Detoxify My World
Chocolate Dream Spa
Rejuvenate My Youth
Detoxifying Mud Wrap, Cupping Back Treatment, followed by a Deep Tissue Massage.
2.5 hrs....$200; w/ Steam....$240
Chocolate Steam Glow, Chocolate Facial Massage, Chocolate Aroma Massage followed by complimentary wine & chocolates.
3 hrs....$220
Face-lift Massage, Detoxifying Mud Wrap, Swedish Massage, Paraffin Hand & Foot Masks.
3 hrs....$250; w/ Steam....$290

Day Spa Pamper
Ultimate Detox Package
90 min. Bamboo & Swedish Massage, Steamy Mud Wrap, Detoxifying Chocolate Facial Massage w/ Paraffin Masks for Hand & Feet, served with spa lunch & wine.
4.5 hrs....$350
3 visits (must schedule within 2 weeks)....$550

1st Visit:          Steam Salt Glow & Therapeutic Massage 
2nd Visit:        Detoxifying Steam Body Wrap & Facial Massage   
3rd Visit:       Steam Session followed by Cupping Massage 
3 sessions....$550
  1. Steamy Wonder
    Steamy Wonder
    Herbal Steam, Steamy Glow, Steamy Mud Wrap/Steamy D'Spa, Chocolate Dream Spa, Ultimate Detox or add to another service for only $40! Ask for a Custom Treatment!!!
  2. Improve Posture
    Improve Posture
    Massages: Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Ortho Stretching: AIS- Active Isolated Stretching; Sports massage
  3. Balance Energies
    Balance Energies
    Reiki/Energy Work; Meridian & TCM Tui-Na; Cupping
Ask Heather about creating a custom D'Spa Naturals product for you! Check in often about the latest products made by Heather I Dixon or any of the current products like Essential Oils, Oil Pendants, Cryoderm & Cryderm Heat, Real Time, Feverfew & Tart Cherry Supplements, stretching and other pain relief products.

Current D'Spa Naturals:
D'Enlightment (clears head)
Immune Boost Synergy & Power
Facial Soothe & Calming Toner
Soothing Butter (pain, injuries & skin irritations)
Scar Butter
Trauma Balm
Neck & Chest Rub (Balm-Vanilla, Eucalyptus & Tea Tree)
Various Inhalers: Relax, Anxiety Away, Meditate
Various Essential Oil Incense Sticks
Women's Balance (hormone balancing)

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